COVID-19 Plan

Hello, Church!  It is our job to shine the light of Christ, especially in a time like this.  We want to communicate clearly and often so we can help our church body as well as our community through these times.  We are going to post daily and update how we can serve our community. Here is where we stand today.


1.     We are not called to stand idly by.  We are called to show the love of Jesus through our actions. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Therefore, we want to gather resources, starting with people able to serve. With the schools closing, There are going to be many that face the choice of going to work or caring for their children.  To honor the advice of the CDC, the best option is to open our homes and care for children. If you are willing to help open your home for childcare, even if it is just 1 child, let us know! We want to be able to serve as many people as possible.  

2.     We also want to be able to check in and assist with the physical needs of high risk individuals struggling due to the current restrictions.  If you are willing to check in on these individuals and help, let us know!  


3.     One of the greatest ways we can show the love of Jesus is making sure the needs of people are met.  We have a fund set up for COVID-19. These funds will be used to support high risk individuals who are struggling due to the current restrictions as well as families seriously affected by school closures or loss of work.  You can give at  

4.     We are wanting to partner and coordinate with organizations and individuals to help our community.  If you know of a group or person that is trying to help, let us know! We will coordinate with them.

5.     We need to submit to authority yet not forsake the gathering of the church.  With this in mind, we are closing all in person services. We will have online devotions as well as online services, limiting in person contact to essential personnel only.  We will re-evaluate daily and update you with any changes.

The best and most powerful thing you can do is pray!   Take a few minutes right now to pray. Pray for our nation that we come through this unified.  Pray for those in the medical field, on the front lines. Pray for the health of high risk individuals.  Pray for the struggles many will face through this time.